Fez Handicraft guided Tour

FES, one of the world’s best craft centers, is a must-see. You will walk inside the craftsmen’ workshops and cooperatives on this tour. You will observe the craftspeople at work, communicate with them, and take lessons in How It Is Made. Leatherwork, brass etching, woodcarving, silk weaving, wood painting, pottery making, colorful embroidery,hand-loomed carpets, hand-stitched kaftans, delicately woven cotton and silk scarves are just a few of the stunning crafts and arts on display. Visit the medieval Chaouwara Tanneries, where leather is processed, coloured, and dried according to a centuries-old procedure. Visit Foundoks, where craftsmen make colorful Djellabas, scarves, turbans, and bed covers out of wool, cotton, and natural silk; and the dyers’ street, where workers dip strands of cactus silk into buckets filled with natural dyes Visit the Seffarine Square coppersmiths, where the cacophony of hammers pounding metal is never-ending.

In the morning a free pick up is provided for you to begin your Fez handicraft guided tour. You will learn about Moroccan Berber art and interact with local craftspeople and artists. You’ll begin in the Fes Medina, with its small lanes filled with blacksmiths and carpenters, where you’ll see woven Berber carpets and so many other handicraft goods crafted by local artisans.

Moving to Seffarine Place, near the exquisite Quarantine University, this place allows you to choose from a wide range of teapots, chiseled trays,jars, and other objects. The Batha Museum, which houses an excellent collection of traditional crafts, will be your next stop. After that, visit the Nejjarine Museum of Wooden Arts and Crafts, it was opened in 1998.

You’ll also come across Africa’s oldest and largest intriguing tannery, which dates back to the 9th century. Then you’ll go to a ceramic pottery school to learn more about Moroccan culture and heritage, there you will Learn how to decorate the jar or bowl with decorative lines.. You’ll also have the opportunity to take a scarf-making session before being dropped off at your hotel in the early evening.

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