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Happy Moroccan Tours

Happy Moroccan Tours” is an expert tour agency in the city of Fez, it is specialized in organizing tours that explore the Moroccan Kingdom. We are a group of young Moroccan people, thus we are natives, who love and cherish our rich land, and want to share all the cultural and natural diversity that we have with other people from different cultures. Providing satisfactory services is our duty towards our country and our way of expressing gratitude
Learn about us

Happy Moroccan Tours

Happy Moroccan Tours” is very keen that the quality of the services we provide matches the highest demands. Our love of our country and our detailed knowledge about it are reflected in the tours we offer. That’s why our tours are very rich in all of the aspects. We aim to keep you happy and looking forward to the next thing. Each Moroccan region has its peculiarities that we are aware of and program our tours to make the best of each region with its uniqueness. Our team is very professional and knowledgeable, which is something that all of our travellers appreciate a lot since it helps a lot to have responsible people taking care of your journey.
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