Fez Cooking class

On a food tour across Fes medina, sample a delectable selection of typical Moroccan foods with the help of a knowledgeable tour guide.

Are you ready for a four hour tasting adventure in Fez? Join us on a tour through the maze of Fez’s old city. After a free pick up from your accommodation your tour starts at the iconic gate Bab Boujloud and taking you through backstreets and alleyways where Fezy people eat. Immerse yourself in a cultural experience accompanied by a local guide who is knowledgeable, and happy to share the method of preparation, the significance of each meal, and so on.

The food itself is tasty and diversified. Stop at Faran, or communal oven, a traditional underground wood-fire oven where local households bring dough on trays to be cooked for a little cost. You will stop at a famous area where they prepare mlawi, harcha and beghrir which is a Moroccan pancake, usually offered in the morning for breakfast and in the early evening as Casse la croute by residents ( snack). Sweets & pastries pause: there you will try the famed Chebakia, a chewy yet crunchy honey, sesame, and turmeric-scented cookie served during Ramadan’s main meal. Harira pause: Harira is Morocco’s most famous soup, served as a main course during Ramadan and complementing Chebakia. Harira is a velvety, chunky soup with tomatoes, herbs, legumes, and meat. Moroccan grilled lamb Kefta: ground meat seasoned in the Moroccan style, extremely juicy, and cooked over charcoal to perfection. Kheliie pause, kheliie mainly is dried bief served with eggs and tea in the morning, so yummy. You will alsoTaste fresh juices, Different types of dates, cheese, olives either with chilli or with preserved lemon, fresh fruits, mint tea. Finally you can taste a delicious Moroccan meal before dropping you off at your riad.

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